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For me this program works but meat is still neededd as an additional protein because the vegan menu doesn't provide enough.  It enables the body to get the most nutrition from food by aiding in the best digestion of food .  As in science, the light material disintegrates quicker and faster than the heavy.  

So you would eat your veggies first and then your meat.  Otherwise just eat meats by themselves.

When you eat dense foods first and then light on top, the food on top putrifies -- rots -- because it is the last to digest on top of the proteins == the longest time to digest. And this is also one of the reasons people have digestive problems and have to take antacids, etc, never mind the chemicals in the processed foods, to aid in digestion.


Example:     Salad and meat/nuts/milk products,beans

Fruits by themselves.  Eat Melons alone.

Veggies and carbs/starches can be eaten together.

No startches/carbs with protein.

Drinking water or liquid with meals dilutes nutritional value of food big time.


75%, at least, of the time I eat this way or my body will react to abusive eating patterns and tell me by being at "dis-ease", being ill.  The reason being I had cholic when I was a baby, 1 year old and almost died from it and also it wiped most of the good meat digesting bacteria out of my intestines.  I used to have to go and lie down on my bed after eating because I felt like someone was kicking me in the intestines and that lasted for about 15 minutes. Beef would do this to me.

Link is above Food Combining Chart to the Raw and Free Food combining website where chart was downloaded.

The basic principles are as follows:

  • Eat Melons alone
  • Eat Fruit and Vegetables seperate
  • Eat vegetables and proteins together
  • Eat vegetables and starches together
  • Eat proteins and starches seperate
  • Drink water before or after a meal, not during
And PLEASE consult a physician or doctor of naturopathy if needed about this diet to make sure it is proper for you if you are unsure.  Always do your research also.

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